Monday, 9 July 2012

New Beginnings... New Bagels!


New Beginnings, new food trends and new bagels in the city of Ottawa! Artisinal beers and Brew Pubs have been popping up all over the city and Ottawa's residents can't get enough of it. Gone are the days of Canadian and Coorslight, now are the times  for fruit beers, decadent stouts and savory ales. The beer world is expanding, flowing over into the kitchens of restaurants and residents all over the city, including my own. Beer is trending everywhere this summer and the flavors of beers these days act as a perfect platform for some awesome food flavor combinations.

And so it began...

A few months ago, local beers found a way into my heart and thus into my baking. I was in the very process of perfecting the bagel, when the idea dawned on me that beer contains some of the very same ingredients that dough thrives on. I decided to share one of my refreshing pints with my bagel recipe one afternoon, and the rest is Brewgels history. I offered my bagels to family and friends for constructive criticism, and people began to rave.
It started with demand from family and friends, and now many loyal customers at the Ottawa Farmers Markets, who contribute largely to our sellouts almost every week!
My goal was to bring a bagel to the city that was different than the traditional Montreal style bagel, but not so bread-like as a New York style either.

So what kind of bagel is a Brewgel you ask?

It is a Drunken Confused Bagel, neither Montreal nor New York Style, but falling somewhere happily in the middle. The Brewgel has a flavor profile of it's own, thats bound to leave you wondering how many other things in life local beer can make better :)

Give it a try... you'll be happy you did!